Sustainable Fish

We bring you fish from fishermen and fish farmers that we know and trust.
They care about the planet as much as we do.


Often called Asian Seabass, Barramundi has a meaty texture, mild flavor, and contains the most omega-3s out of any common whitefish. We buy ours from our friend Josh, whose open-ocean Barramundi farm in Vietnam is the first and only to earn Monterey Bay Seafood Watch’s “Best Choice” rating. He is a true pioneer in responsible aquaculture; raising the cleanest, healthiest fish you can buy, while providing local workers living wages, full benefits, and meaningful work.


Prized for its mild taste and flaky texture, our farm-raised Catfish has also been designated a top source of protein by environmental groups. Picture a beautiful clay-bottom pond surrounded by cattails, wading egrets, and flitting dragon flies. That’s Catfish farming in America today. It’s some of the freshest fish you can buy!

Pacific Cod

Also known as Grey Cod or True Cod, Pacific Cod is considered the world’s second-most abundant white fish, and the standard by which all other white fish are judged. Its firm texture, large flakes, and slightly sweet flavor equals that of Atlantic Cod, with a much better sustainability profile thanks to strict and thoughtful management by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Albacore Tuna

The delicious flavor, firm steaky texture when cooked, and high Omega-3 content of Albacore make this tuna a favorite with chefs. Each Albacore is pulled in by hand, one at a time on a barbless hook and frozen in pristine condition. We partner with socially responsible fishermen, who actively work to minimize harm to the environment and other species, and make this one of the most sustainable pelagic fisheries in the world.

Red Trout

Red Trout is similar to Salmon, but with a much better sustainability profile. Our Red Trout is responsibly farm-raised in fast-moving channels of fresh spring water that mimic a free-flowing river. Our Red Trout gets its flavorful, delicate, pink flesh from the tiny crustaceans it feeds on – no artificial colors here!


Also called Rock Cod or Pacific Snapper, Rockfish is everything even the shyest eaters could want in seafood: firm, white flesh, and clean, mild flavor. In 2000, these “heirloom tomatoes of the sea” were severely overfished, but in the years since, innovative catch share programs, advances in gear types, and careful monitoring have made an astonishing environmental and economic recovery of West Coast Groundfish. Your purchase supports the fishermen leading this change.

How do you know this fish is sustainable?

We bring you fish from fishermen and fish farmers that we know and trust. They care about the planet as much as we do.

We only buy wild fish from Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fisheries. We are working on a MSC certified chain of custody, so that someday we can put the MSC logo on our box.

We work with experts from FishChoice to identify and source the most sustainable fish from the most responsible fishermen and fish farmers.

We only buy from farmed fish from aquaculture operations that meet or exceed Global Aquaculture Alliance Best Aquaculture Practices guidelines.

Good Fish. Good Sauce.

It's That Simple