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Jacqueline Claudia

Wharton undergrad. Darden MBA. Former fish farmer. Mother of four.

Always wanted to be a marine biologist. Excited to save the world, one fish at a time.

Christy Brouker

Start-up vet. Natural food writer. Oregon native.

Wants to make an impact on the world. Loves to show people that frozen fish can be super fresh, sustainable, and most importantly, delicious.

Grant Hesse

Food Processing jack of all trades. Milling Science Operations Undergrad from KSU (Flour Milling extraordinaire).

Start-up fanatic who loves cultivating company growth and culture. Loves the Colorado lifestyle and playing his custom Fender Stratocaster.

Bill Mark

Organic & natural foods experience. Data & analytics.

Cooking and eating enthusiast. Loves helping founders build and scale businesses with a mission to do something good in the world.

Gerrie Bouchard

Chef. Food industry veteran. Lover of great food and wine. Wife and mom.

Determined to earn a seat at your table twice per week with our delicious and sustainably-sourced fish!

Barry Hirsch

Storyteller. Lover of strategy. Family man.

Retail industry vet changing the way food is grown, produced and sold. Escapes to the mountains or the city any chance he gets.

Danny Wall

Math nerd and CU Boulder graduate. Master of AP & AR.

Hoping to make the world a better place with better food. Enjoys fine dining, the outdoors, and doing my best Neil Peart impression on the drums.

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