Rainbow Trout With Salsa Verde


Rainbow Trout

with Salsa Verde

Flaky, tender pink fish and Cuban salsa made with fresh garlic, herbs, and kale; finished with a splash of white wine.

*only at Whole Foods Market


Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout has a similar taste, appearance, and texture to Salmon, making it a fan favorite! Our Rainbow Trout is responsibly farm-raised in fast-moving channels of fresh spring water that mimic a free-flowing river. Our Rainbow Trout gets its flavorful, delicate, pink flesh from the tiny crustaceans it feeds on – no artificial colors here!

Nutrition Facts
How To Cook

Rainbow Trout

with Salsa Verde

Do not thaw. Cook frozen.

Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 F and grab a baking sheet.

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