Shipping Information

Fedex Ground Shipping

Orders are shipped by Fedex Ground because we care about the environment, and ground transportation has a much lower carbon footprint than air shipping. From one of our strategically placed warehouses, 80% of orders typically make it to your door within 2 days and 100% make it within 3 days from time of shipment. Don't worry, it will stay frozen that long when packed on dry ice. At this time, we can not to ship to addresses outside of the 48 states.

You will get an email with your tracking number when your order leaves our warehouse.


Frozen shipments cannot be in transit over the weekend, so the destination and day that your order is placed can all affect when your order will arrive. If the transit time required to ship your order would require your order to sit in a shipping company’s warehouse over the weekend, it will be held until the following Monday.

Order Placed By (EST) Will Ship Out You'll Get It

Monday 9AM


Tuesday - Thursday

Tuesday 9AM


Wednesday - Friday

Wednesday 9AM


Thursday - Saturday

Thursday 9AM

Addresses reachable within 2-days will ship out Thursday.

Other orders, and any order that cannot be delivered on Saturday will be held to Monday


Friday - Saturday

Thursday after 9AM to Monday 9AM


Tuesday to Thursday

Dry Ice Keeps It Frozen

Your order will be packed with enough dry ice to keep your products safely frozen until they reach your door.

Please be careful with the dry ice. Don't handle it with your bare hands. To dispose of any remaining dry ice, simply place it in a well ventilated room (or even better, outside) and it will evaporate.  

Cool science experiments are strongly encouraged.  

Eco Friendly Packaging

Orders are packed in an earth friendly shipping containers. Depending on which warehouse your order ships from, they could look a little different and have different disposal instructions.

If your box looks like this....

The cardboard box is recyclable.

Cut open the green plastic liner, and recycle the liner with other #4 plastics.

The foam inside can be composted, or even dissolved in your sink! Learn more here: GreenCell

If your box looks like this....

The cardboard is recyclable.

The film and insulation are compostable.

Learn more here: VeriCool