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A few months ago, we posted wine pairings for each of our delicious fish and sauce combos. Then we amped up the party with creative cocktail pairings. We’re now turning our sights to those of you who prefer hops to grapes with these delightful brews that taste spectacular with our fish. Bottoms up!

Redfish with Cajun Cream + Golden Ale

We wanted to stay true to the birthplace of our Cajun-inspired Redfish sauce, so we turned back to Louisiana to find a beer that would play up the notes of the spicy cream sauce and flaky fish. We found the perfect accompaniment in the Abita Brewery Golden Ale. With a light and crisp profile, this is a super easy drinking beer. Go ahead and have two, we won’t tell.

Red Trout with Salsa Verde + West Coast IPA

We immediately assumed that a hoppy IPA would be perfect with the Red Trout and tangy Salsa Verde, and our instincts were right! One sip of the Stone Brewery IPA, and we were head over heels for this natural combo. Serve up the trout on a soft corn tortilla with some cabbage slaw, pico, and crema to transport your taste buds to laid-back, sunny So-Cal.

Barramundi with Mango Sriracha Chutney + American Pale Ale

The sweetness of the mango salsa and delicate buttery flesh of the Barramundi demands a rich hoppy beer that will complement without stealing the spotlight. As they’re less hoppy than IPAs, American Pale Ales offer a great citrusy balance to the sauce. We particularly love Founders American Pale Ale which is a highly drinkable, smooth APA with a great finish.

Beer Pairings

Got another beer recommendation for one of our fish? Share it with us in the comments so we can get in on it!

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