Dare to Pair – 9 Stellar Wine Pairings for LoveTheWild Fish

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Here at LoveTheWild, we eat a ton of fish and drink a lot of wine. And most of the time, we do the two together. We especially love it when we find a wine that makes our fantastic tasting fish taste even better (and vice versa) and hope you’ll try some of these stellar combinations.


Barramundi with Mango Sriracha Chutney

Spicy foods get a bad wrap for being difficult to pair with wines. While beers reign supreme as the most logical partners for spicy eats, we find that the beautiful buttery flesh of the barramundi, along with the sweetness of the mangos and just the right kick of heat from the Sriracha, are even more outstanding when partnered with a crisp, cold Sauvignon Blanc. The fruity bouquets of the wine play naturally with the sweet and tangy sauce components while serving to complement the spicy Sriracha. Maybe it’s coincidence or maybe it’s kismet, but our favorite Sauvignon pairings come from down under too; Cloudy Bay is a wish-list wine while Kim Crawford won’t break the bank.

Mahi Mahi Red Coconut Curry

With its mild, sweet flesh, Mahi Mahi pairs incredibly well with our rich and flavorful sauce. Given its complex profile, it could be hard to pair this dish with the right wine. While wine pairing basics usually lead us to whites for fish dishes, we’re giving red wine drinkers a chance to rejoice—our recommendation for this one is surprisingly Pinot Noir. If you’re looking for a good value wine, we love Castle Rock from Southern California, but if you are looking to impress, head north to the renowned Russian River Valley vineyards.

Catfish with Cajun Crème

Our subtle, flaky fish in a smoky sauce calls for a wine with some complexity, but without the tannins or oak flavors that can overpower your palate. We believe that eating our fish should be the best part of your day, so we’ve identified the following wines as the winners for your fish dinner. The low-alcohol profile and sweet finish of Gewurztraminer will pair beautifully with this creamy Cajun sauce. No need to splurge though—we found a great harmony with Willm Reserve from Alsace.


Red Trout with Salsa Verde

There’s something special about this combination that conjures up thoughts of warm sunshine.  It just might be the bright citrus sauce that makes the fish sing. This vibrant combination begs for a bright and sunny wine that can add to the scintillating scene. For this dish, we recommend the dazzling Albariño. We like Val Do Sosego, which is easy to find and priced right. Double win.

Pacific Cod with Roasted Red Pepper Almond Sauce

Pacific cod is a lean mild fish that pairs beautifully with our creamy and smoky red bell pepper almond sauce. This dynamic duo deserves a wine that enhances their melody and doesn’t detract from the subtle nuances and perfectly creamy finish. Enter the second and final red on our list of recommendations—the humble Beaujolais. Try Thorin or Georges Duboeuf if you’re new to this wine or sticking to a budget. The two can be found in North America and may just become your choice for everyday table wines.

Rockfish with Southwestern Black Bean Sauce

And finally, It’s time to pop those corks and let the bubbly flow! We’ve paired the delicate rockfish with a rich fragrant sauce and a perfectly chilled sparkling rose—a flute of sweet, yet sassy Llopart Brut Rose Cava.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these pairings. Better yet, feel free to “play” sommelier with us and offer up your favorite wine and LoveTheWild combos.

More of a cocktail gal or guy? Check back soon as we mix up some creative cocktails for our all-things-fish dinner party!

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