Why We Built This Company

Posted by Jacqueline Claudia on

We decided we wanted to change the world. There are many causes people dedicate their time to, from third-world poverty to banning the humiliation of plants (yes, that’s a real cause, believe it or not). We are passionate about, and have put our efforts toward protecting and providing fantastic fish. More specifically, we want to change the way people eat one of the most efficient, healthy proteins in the world.

The seriousness of overfishing, pollution, and acidification of our oceans is well documented and incredibly frightening (I recommend this article for a good scare). So the question then is: How do we save our oceans and fish, while at the same time make sure people still continue to eat fish? Our answer: help preserve our wild fish stocks by not depleting (overfishing) them all. We are doing that by supporting our awesome friends who are doing amazing things with aquaculture, and utilizing their fantastic farmed fish to create the most mind-blowing fish dishes you’ll find in stores.

These dishes can’t suck though. Frozen fish is generally thought of as gross, and cooking fish is perceived as difficult. And we’re changing those perceptions. With a culinary taste-first approach we have created the perfect equation. World-class aquacultured fish + mouth-watering delicious sauce + your dinner table = pure culinary bliss.

We believe the world “wild” means many things, from protecting and respecting our wild fish populations, to creating wildly delicious sauces, to pursuing a wildly adventurous lifestyle. Most people equate the words “wild fish” to “sustainable” or “higher quality”. Without question, wild fish can be sustainable in limited quantities, in ideal conditions. Without question, farmed fish can be higher quality and even more sustainable. Our passion is to prove that to the world. That is why we built this company.