6 Things You Didn’t Know About Aquaculture

Posted by Jacqueline Claudia on

As big believers in aquaculture, we’ve sought out the best sustainably farmed fish to pair with our tasty sauces for you to cook up at home. So while you’re giving that fish 20 minutes to bake in the oven, check out these 6 facts on why aquaculture’s all that.  

#1: Almost half of all of the world’s seafood comes from aquaculture. Think you don’t like “farmed seafood”? Think again! We bet you eat it at least a few times per year already, without even knowing it!

#2: Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of food creation. It’s growing at about 8% per year, compared to 4% for poultry, 1.7% for pork, and almost negligible growth for beef.

#3: The Aquaculture industry employs about 23 million people around the globe. That’s about the number of folks in all of Australia!

#4: Some Aquaculture species (like oysters) actually make the water used to farm them cleaner during the farming process. That’s because they filter their surroundings as they grow, leaving clean, pristine water even after they leave the farm.

#5: Fish farming is one of the most efficient ways to grow protein. On average, for every pound of food a fish eats, it grows a pound of harvestable meat. (Compare that to getting a pound of pork for every 6 pounds of feed or a pound of beef for every 9 pounds of feed). Why are they so efficient? Fish don’t require a heavy skeleton to support their weight (the water they live in does that), and they are cold-blooded so they don’t need to burn energy to create heat.

#6: Aquaculture is a 1.2 billion-dollar industry in the United States. That ranks us 15th in the world for aquaculture production. The majority of US aquaculture comes from oyster, clam, and salmon farming.

Photo courtesy of Pacifico Aquaculture