The Flavors

Medium-textured, buttery fish with a sweet/hot chutney that evokes the sunny Caribbean: luscious mango, bright citrus, savory garlic, and warm chilies

Subtle, white fish and a creamy tomato sauce with earthy flavors of the deep south: smoked paprika, oregano, and cayenne pepper

Firm, delicate fish paired with a velvety smooth, authentically bold red coconut curry sauce, with notes of thai basil and kaffir lime

Medium-firm, nutty fish with a Spanish comfort sauce of tomato, roasted red peppers, almonds, fresh parsley, olive oil, and a dash of lemon

Flaky, tender pink fish and Cuban salsa made with fresh chopped garlic, herbs, and kale; finished with a splash of white wine

Delicate flaky fish and smooth black beans combined with warm, bright flavors of the Southwest: cumin, cilantro, and chipotle

Good Fish. Good Sauce.

It's That Simple