Meet The Wild Ones

Jacqueline Claudia

Co-founder, CEO
Wharton undergrad. Darden MBA.
Former fish farmer.
Mother of four.

Always wanted to be a marine biologist. Excited to save the world, one fish at a time.

Christy Brouker

Co-founder, COO
Start-up vet.
Natural food writer.
Oregon native.

Wants to make an impact on the world. Loves to show people that frozen fish can be super fresh, sustainable, and most importantly, delicious.

Elizabeth Prentiss

Brand expert.
NATIVE Coloradan.
Dog whisperer.

Loves working with small brands with BIG ideas. Good food, great wine, and sarcasm (ok, and also Reality TV) make her tick. 

Bill Mark

Organic & natural foods experience.
Data & analytics.
Cooking and eating enthusiast.

Loves helping founders build and scale businesses with a mission to do something good in the world.

A Climate Of Corporate Sustainability

At LoveTheWild, we think about the triple bottom line. We are building a company that will have a substantial positive impact on the health and sustainability of the United States. To get there, we need to first be in business. We are doing a great job today, but have aspirations to do even better as we grow and scale.



How We Accomplish It


Our boxes are recyclable. Our sauce trays are recyclable. We are not “re-packaging” the fish and creating another waste stream. We are researching and working with suppliers to create a fish wrap that can be composted, and we will lead the industry in its use as soon as it is a viable solution.

Carbon Footprint

We don’t prioritize selling online because it’s hard for us to justify putting a few pieces of fish in a cooler box full of dry ice and flying it across the country. We buy local where possible. When we have to move a distance, we look for rail freight or ocean containers, or partner with others to make sure full loads are moving.


We speak and advocate for sustainable fish, and healthy diets. We have spoken on educational panels at various industry events and gatherings as a leader in the consumer-focused seafood space, and will continue to do so as our brand and reach grows. Our goal is to make eating clean, healthy fish easy, fun, and delicious!

Our Partners

Good Fish. Good Sauce.

It's That Simple