We start by sourcing the most Sustainable Fish

We have fantastic variety and quality of fish swimming in our coastal waters, and some of the best guidelines in the world for health and sustainability. Through our commitment to human health, environmental health, and GOOD FOOD, we’re on a mission to make sure our beautiful waterways (and the fish that call them home) stick around. FOREVER.

The best most sustainable fish, paired with bold sauces, and foolproof cooking instructions… Delicious results, every time

Our Fish Comes From Trusted Sources

Our wild fish come from MSC’s most well-managed fisheries, and meets or exceeds fishing method guidelines. Our aquacultured fish come from the best aquaculture facilities in the world, from farmers we know and trust. We’ve chosen species that are resilient, smaller, and from lower trophic levels. Some of these are even by-catch from other fishing operations – we’re not letting them go to waste.

Good Fish. Good Sauce.

It's That Simple